maandag 21 augustus 2017

Travelling around and busking! Streetmusic and beggars...

Hi Folks,
This is a really special edition of my life.
It's been half a century ;) that i have been travelling, hitch hiking, living from music... I was really young then...
But this summer I did it again! I was really really surprised that many people liked what i was doing.
It took me a few months to think about this adventure, I was not sure I could do this after so many years.
Figueras, Spain
It just happened to me because I bought a trainticket to Avignon from Amsterdam for only 50 euros but for this ticket  i had to travel on Saturday. I had to be on Wednesday in Spain, though,  to pick up my daughters, so I was too early. Then I decided to take my guitar and play in the streets from that Saturday untill Wednesday. Some of my friends stimulated me to do this, I was a bit nervous but it worked out great.
I decided to focus on the music and just sit down in  small streets and sing.
I was surprised many people liked what i was doing. From young people to old people. From rich to poor.
Yes, after only one day I knew almost every beggar and artist in the centre of Avignon. And they knew me.
And yes, I know the life of beggars is though, I have been there, you kow.
 Still, the atmosphere was really great and beggars and the addicted where really really nice to me. They gave me coins or thumb ups, and yes, I had to do this. I HAVE to do this. I don't know why, but it's my life. I sang in the streets when i was young and i travelled like a gipsy and i survived this really though life, it's all about surviving.
But now i am older and i have children and i have a home and a job. So its different. Still, i feel everyday i can loose everything i love and i can loose every security of my life.
I just need a guitar. And sing.
on my way to Spain ( Port Bou) 
The French like my voice, thank god, and the Spanish had to get used to it for half an hour and then they started to appreciate...
I sing old songs, I sing with a really high voice, it sounds a bit like Joan Baez. I sing folk, simon and Garfunkel, Sandy Denny, that kind of stuff. I can live from the money people give me.

More important is that i could teach my daughters how life works in the street. They saw how their mother sang in the street and how people reacted. How really poor people contact me.... How really poor people can be nice untill 3 pm. After that it's gonna be different, because many beggars start to get drunk or something... But still... it depends on the person. There are nice people, there are stupid people. Most of the time not dangerous. Be clear, be honest.
Yes, I learned a lot, this summer and I am excited about it.
Sorya, a beautiful girl of the street

Perpigna, i met this great singer of the band "Lazzy Bird"
Lazzy Bird @Perpignan

little old Spanish men who liked to play my guitar
Children who listened to my music
a nice woman who asked me to sing 'Suzanne" for her 
some people liked to be on a photo with me

on Place Pie, Avignon. First coffee!

Like the old times... counting and paying with little coins
 You can watch me here, singing in the streets:Blackwaterside

vrijdag 4 augustus 2017

Summertime at Schiermonnikoog (little island at the north of Holland)

Me and Mario on Dutch television
Hi folks,
I just came back from the isle of Schiermonnikoog!
A lot has happened up there!
I organized for the 4th time this little nice festival, called SchierSong Fest. This event takes a lot of positive energy, since I only play non commercial and with musicians who love music more then money. All information about this festival you can find here: SchierSong Festival

After a year of hard work, my vacation started two weeks ago at the radio / tv show of Omroep Friesland. Mario came with me.
 I really wanted to play my Duth song "Wietse with you, I'm cycling" just because it's a good song and because it's about my first love on the island of Schiermonnikoog.
 It's a new song, so I was really nervous. But it went well. After that we played also some other songs.
The recording can be viewed and listened here: WIETSE WIETSE! @Omroep Friesland

After that, I traveled to Schiermonnikoog, where I had to work on all preparations to programm the 9 songwriters at different places.
Me and Mario on the terrace of Bootshuis 
That worked out well!I found enough places who wanted to work with me!

Highlight of the festival is Saturday evening and Sunday evening: then we all play three of our own songs at the campsite (Seedune) and on the beach (Pavilion Paal 3). At the campside it'w also an open mic and we had some good musicians there that night! Paal 3 was also really crowded and we had this great jam at the end of the night.
It is so nice that many islanders cooperated wtih me to succes this festival! Especially thanks to Rolald (Berkenplas) Jeppe (Paal 3) and Ronald (camping Seedune) ,  And  the musicians were very good in shape! Without their voluntary contribution this festival couldn't take place. We all had a great time this summer. So next year we will be back for the 5th time!

with my daughter Annika at camping 

Annika singing WIETSE 

Invited by owner Gilles to play on his terrace

House concert with guest cajon player Dennis 

We started outside but then it began to rain....

Paviljoen Paal 3 Sunday night 

When the weekend was over, I was invited to play on the terrace of a hotel where I used to stay when I was ZERO  years ... :))) That's because my mother was born on the island and she took me every summer to Schiermonnikoog.

My Schiermonnikoog holiday is over now . But tomorrow will start a thrilling journey .... I keep my mouth shut ... but I'll keep you posted!
See you soon!
Annette XXX


One week and then... summertime!
Heading for Schiermonnikoog, SchierSongFEstival! But first:
Castricum, in the centre of the town I will play with Mario a set round 6 PM. on Saturday July 15th.
And next gig will be at Café Genieten in Amsterdam-Oost at a nice restaurant. I will play there solo and sing some covers I didn't play for years.... some Sandy Denny songs and some Simon & Garfunkel songs... and ofcourse some own songs. I will play at this restaurant next Tuesday, July 18th.
On Friday Juli 21 I will take the train to Leeuwarden, north of Holland, to do this radio/ TV show and then... me and Mario will take the boat to Schiermonnikoog for the SchierSong Festival. Yes!

Last weeks I had some really nice gigs, like the Festival at Nieuwegein, really enjoyed that one :) Good weather, nice people, good sound...

maandag 26 juni 2017

shit happens to be out cool...

Okay than...
It was really hard last weekend... sometimes I suffer from  a Crazy Man Michael-disease, what means that I am sometimes very obsessed and I can't get out of my obsessed thoughts and emotions. It's bringing me to a low level of conciousness, I have sometimes a great fear of being abandoned, and that fear makes me crazy sometimes. (btw, the song Crazy Man Michael is written by Richard Thompson/ Fairport Convention, one of the greatest songs I know)

I had this gig at a nice place, pretty famous in Amsterdam, small bar, people go there eat and drink before they go to a show. I had to play there all by myself and it was a long time ago I did this. I felt really insecure and had a bad stomach.
I called my best friend to support me but then I lost contact because I have a new phone and during the conversation I accidentally disconnected. I forgot my new PIN so I could not call him back.
I was sitting alone at a table and I was searching in my little bag for a small piece of paper with my fucking  pin on it, but couldnt find it. I felt a bit... desperate.... but  then.... I let it all go. I thought: okay, I'm going to play my songs and I will do my best although I feel very lonesome right now.

And when I looked up ,  a friendly man came sitting next to me. He smiled and said, "I'm coming especialy for you."
And that was my mercy.

He was a man who is a barkeeper from a big cafe in Amsterdam and I recognized his  face because I played there a few times last year.  We talked a bit and he stayed and  listened to my songs. We talked again when I took a short break, and it was really nice and he was very relaxed.

After the gig he informed me that I could perform somewhere and I really thought :  wow this I'd never expected. Sometimes you feel miserable and you give up every effort to try to make it better and then suddenly there is somebody who's just by your side on just that moment you need it.

The guys of the bar  were also very sweet and smiling to me all the time and when I came home I immediately searched my PIN to call back my good friend, He told me he thought I might have had an accident. Because we just had a conversation and he knew I was walking outside and suddenly the connection was broken.
He was worried because he noticed that my phone was not accessible anymore and because I was a bit sad, he thought somethings bad happened...  So he called the cafe where I was playing and the bar girl said: "She's right here and making nice music" and then he heard me singing by phone.
So that was once again a special event in my life and next event will be on July !rst, I will play on a market in Amsterdam... Now I feel so much stronger, because I feel I can do gigs all by myself. So I decided to go busking this summer. And I am playing Sandy Denny songs again. I will go to Avignon and Perpignan, all by myself. Keep in touch!

zondag 11 juni 2017

Er gaat niets boven Groningen

Er gaat niets boven Grunnen!  Ik heb er twintig jaar van mn leven doorgebracht, en altijd fijn om weer even terug te zijn.
Ik logeerde bij Manuel, een goede vriend en gitarist die vroeger in mijn bandje Scarlett speelde.
Afgelopen weekend was ik op Schiermonnikoog om te flyeren voor het SchierSong Festival en dit heb ik gecombineerd met een optreden in Groningen. Met Mario speelde ik afgelopen weekend in de Ierse pub aan het Kattendiep. Vroeger had ik er ook wel eens gespeeld, in de stampvolle  bovenkamer. Daar werden toen live-opnames gemaakt.
Deze keer was het helaas niet zo druk. Het was prachtig weer en de mensen zaten buiten op het terras. Mario en ik besloten toch te spelen omdat wij een tijd niet gerepeteerd hadden. Peter, de eigenaar, vond het okay als wij een openbare repetitie deden in het café. Gelukkig waren er toch nog wat mensen die binnenkwamen en ook bleven luisteren.  Buiten waren we goed te horen, hoorden we achteraf, en dat werd gewaardeerd.  Alsnog hebben we gewoon anderhalf uur achter elkaar doorgespeeld! We hadden dat toch even nodig na mijn keelontsteking!
Daarna waren we goed ingespeeld voor het optreden diezelfde avond in cafe'De Singelier.
Ook daar waren niet veel mensen aanwezig, maar de mensen die er waren maakten de avond voor ons erg gezellig waardoor ik er met een goed gevoel op terug kan kijken. We hebben ook lekker gespeeld. Kerwin, de man van het Groninger Songwriter Circle en voor mij bekend als songwriter op Schiermonnikoog, kondigde ons aan en we speelden ongeveer drie kwartier.
Jazeker, het is fijn om in Groningen te zijn!
Met dank aan Peter Kelly van de Ierse Pub, het Groninger Songwriter Circle, Manuel en Cindy en mijn trouwe fan Dana! En natuurlijk het publiek dat enthousiast liet horen onze muziek te waarderen :)))

terras Ierse Pub Groningen

Kerwin Pauptit
Manuel en Cindy

Even nakletsen

Dana and friends

dinsdag 16 mei 2017

Bloesem Festival Podium Duycker

April, 30 We were asked to play at this special festival in Nieuw Vennep. It was organized by Podium Duycker. So on this sunny Sunday we took a train at 10 AM and arrived round 11 AM at this beautiful place. We played twice a set and we had a good time with other musicians and some organizers. I just got these pictures by mail and I really like them :)