vrijdag 28 april 2017

Birthday party!

Last week I celebrated my birthday. It was a very nice event because some musicians came to my house to make some great music. I really enjoyed the night. Some people gave me some special surprises, one of them ( André Homan) made a little book with a lot of pictures he took of SWAN
He called the book SWAN ONE.
The book got lots of pictures of musicians from Amsterdam or other parts of Holland.
André took also some pictures of my birthday party.
I would like to thank so many people and i hope we'll meet soon again... :))

a week ago the kids celebrated my birthday in the classroom. I was surprised, didn't know they had organised a party. So no lessons that day...

rechts met camera: Andre Homan

Paul, Huib en Bayla

Jan en Richard

Dzuana en Annette


met Annika

met Huib

Niek, Aad en Mario

Links Frank Boske

Dzuana en Jaap 

Willem Teunissen

best koud buiten...

playing with Francesco

Paul Pleijsier op gitaar

At the end of the party some friends stayed a little longer and I told them I would like to try out some new songs. So Mario and I played together and Francesco played with us. Live recorded by Bayla Moon! Enjoy!

vrijdag 21 april 2017

Update march and april 2017

It's been a while, I've been pretty busy with my work as a teacher, and with rehearsing my new songs and of course the gigs. I've had some nice gigs. If you would like to join, you can find the tour dates right here: AnnetteVogel tour dates

I was in The Haque at a radio/TV show and we played live recorded some songs.
You can listen to CUT THE CRAP right here! (i just loaded it up)

I went with Mario to Utrecht to this nice café called Kopi Susu. We played for almost two hours and had a nice time.
You can watch the first song of the second set right here:

We'll be back at KINGSDAY!
Yes, we will leave Amsterdam and we will travel to Utrecht to play a full set at 2PM! We are really looking forward to it. Info about the café you can find here: Cultureel cafe

Another nice gig was at the Polish Library, I played with Mario and the fantastic guitar player Rei Satoshi. Again this was a nice event!

The organizer, Lulu Lightning, made a vid of this event, you can watch me after a few minutes in the vid, she did a good job by editing! Watch it here: 

A really good gig was at Einde van de Wereld, we really did not expect so many people there and everybody was so quiet when we played our music. I don't have pictures of this gig, but I need to mention it because this gig gave me a real boost.

Sunday is our next gig,it's in Castricum. We've been there before, it's outside in the middle of the centre and we will play there 'round 3 PM a full set.
And next: I will give a houseconcert on my birthday, some talented musicians will play in my living room and ofcourse I play myself. Hurray!
And last but not least, I mentioned KINGSday and as I said we will go to Utrecht that day and play there in café Kopi Susu. See you!

zaterdag 18 maart 2017

Wherever you are

A brand new song!
Let me know what you think of it. I filmed it at Schiermonnikoog. The last shot is filmed by my youngest daughter.. omg it was cold up there :) 

zaterdag 4 maart 2017

Vogel Who? / Changed

Last night I had a great night at Amsterdam, SWAN songwriters! It's been 5 years now that I started SWAN with another musician (Bruno Edsme) from Amsterdam-Noord and I have had many support from other people to realise these monthly events. Thanks to Harry Siers, Baltazar Jacobs, Aad Luymes!

And ofcourse thanks to all the songwriters who showed up and shared their lovely songs!


zondag 19 februari 2017

Gluren bij de buren/ Utrecht

Today Mario and I went to Utrecht and played at this nice festival "Peeking at your neighbor".  There were more than 500 acts, played in livingrooms and we were guests in a girls group home and were warmly welcomed. We played three sets of half an hour and the living room was full. In the first break we visited other neighbors and when returned there were already people waiting for the front door to come to listen to us.
We really had a nice afternoon, it's a great festival, I think Amsterdam should enjoy next year!

(DUTCH version)
Vandaag gingen Mario en ik naar Utrecht in het kader van gluren bij de buren. Dit is een landelijk festival en in Utrecht waren er meer dan 500 acts!
Wij waren te gast in een meidenwoongroep en werden gastvrij ontvangen. We speelden drie sets van een half uur en de huiskamer zat vol. In de eerste pauze zijn we met de meiden bij de buren gaan kijken naar een optreden en toen we terugliepen stonden er alweer mensen te wachten voor hun voordeur.
We hebben echt een leuke middag gehad, meer info over dit festival vind je hier: Gluren bij de Buren


zaterdag 28 januari 2017

my life sucks

My life fucking sucks. I mean at this moment, not always ofcourse. 
Actually, most times everything is allright, I really don’t need to complain. I really don’t want to pay too much attention to the bad feelings I often have.  I can feel so completely lost in my sadness.  But as long as I still feel emotions,  nothing bad is going on. You really  got a problem when you loose contact with emotions. I can tell, I have been there, you know. (that's what I tell you in my song "Beggars".) 

Me, looking in the mirror in a toilet
Why I am writing this down is because I find myself writing a new song and again this song is about how life really is: it can be freaking hard but please, take it as easy as possible, let me hug you because everything is about LOVE. Don’t let your MIND telling fucking lies to your HEART!  

Love, I hate that word. The most cliche thing I ever heard. 
But still. After half of a century living on this earth ( am I dreaming?) I can only admitt that’s all about love. I have been struggling with this fact because I am cynical and down to earth. But feeling that you are beloved, feeling you love somebody, that people like you and that you can be who you really are, are the most important things to experience.  I wrote some songs about what ’s really going on in my life: I know nothing and that’s for sure. I even don't know anything about love. What I know is that I am the witness of being ME.  People in the audience tell me that these kind of songs of mine comfort them. I think that's important and I am happy I can give this comfort. But...

Well, and how about me, myself? I am stucked in mental depressions, I go up and down, up and down and I hardly talk about it. But what do I do? Yes. I write songs. To myself. To tell myself what’s going on. So I wrote this summer ‘Changed” and “Blue Rain”. And now I write a song telling myself that everything is alright. “Walk with me and let it go”.  I write these kind of songs and I should listen more to myself when I sing them... to me. To you. Those words are for you. And me. Best songs are written in hard times. 

Okay, my life sucks. I see many things happening around me. I am not talking about the political rubbish. I am talking about personal histories. My pupils, just young children and their families.
My own kids. Neighbors, friends. What’s going on?
Everything will pass. Every cloud comes and goes. Still. I feel this pain in my body. Everywhere. This sadness. This feeling of: why was I born anyways? It’s all to difficult for me. All this shit.

Don’t worry about me. I know myself very well. I will survive. Anything. So will you.

And at least, I got my music. And I need to share it. 

maandag 23 januari 2017

Guitar broke... but ...

Most embarrassing thing happened in my musical carreer. While I was performing, my guitar no longer had no sound. I just had put in a new battery  so that couldn't be the problem.  It was also not the cable. Wel, l then I changed again the battery, but no, still no sound....A lot of stress of course,  but fortunately  I could borrow the guitar from Martijn van Spankeren.
Next day I brought my guitar to music shop to let  the instrument be fixed.
And they called me this afternoon ....
"Annette, I do not know how to tell you ..." somebody said.
"Oh no....  there goes my very special expensive and  beautiful Taylor," I thought and I needed to sit down, already in shock..
"I spent a lot of time with your guitar, took everything out to fix it .."
Oh my god, and I already wondered how many time it should take to save for a new guitar.
 "... but I could not find anything ..",  the voice said.
"Oh,that is strange," I said, having in mind where i was gonna get the money to buy a new one...
"But ..", he continued ".. I found out what it is ..
You had put your battery in your guitar in the WRONG WAY. "

Well.. shit happens. but you don't know how happy I was that I only put this stupid battery upside down and now I got my guitar back! And I will play with my lovely bassplayer next Friday in a nice pub, we will play for more then an hour, own songs and hope to see you there watching and listening how we start the weekend! See you!
AnneTTE in Pakhuis/AMSTERDAM